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As a BMW owner, you have the right to request that your vehicle is restored with Original BMW Parts. Manufactured for superior quality, fit and finish, they are the same as the parts that came with your BMW - and are best capable of preserving your vehicle's handling and performance.


Damage caused by an accident often runs deep, impacting the complex structural integrity, mechanical and safety systems vital to the performance and electronic features of your BMW. Thus, limiting repairs to the site of impact may not be enough to restore performace.


Only BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers possess the technology, tools, equipment and expertise to locate problems beneath the surface, delivering more accurate and precise diagnoses for repairs, both inside and out.


Each technician at a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center undergoes more than 120 hours of BMW vehicle-specific training. Meanwhile, continuing education keeps technicians current on newly-launched models and the latest advances in automotive repair technology


To be part of a BMW-certified program, a collision repair center must be equipped with industry-leading diagnostic instruments, approved measuring equipment, spray booth systems, hand tools, spot welding apparatus and more. In short, BMW has always stood for the highest standards in the automotive industry-and we intend to keep it that way.

Insist on Baker Collision Center


Thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive Services, help is a button-push away. In the case of a non-severe accident, push the SOS button or call BMW Assist™ at 1-888-333-6118. A Response Specialist will help you locate and/or tow your vehicle to the nearest BMW Certified Collision Repair Center or BMW Center of your choice, provided that the Center is within a 50-mile radius, ensuring that your vehicle is correctly repaired according to BMW specifications.

Insist on Baker Collision Center

North Carolina Statute § 58-33-76.

  • No insurance company, agent, adjuster or appraiser or any person employed to perform their service shall recommend the use of a particular service or source for the repair of property damage without clearly informing the claimant that the claimant is under no obligation to use the recommended repair service.
  • No insurance company, agent, adjuster or appraiser or any person employed to perform their service shall accept any gratuity or other form of remuneration from a repair service for recommending that repair service to a claimant. Provided, however, discounts agreed to by repair services shall not violate this section.
  • Any person who violates this section is subject to the provisions of G.S. 58-2-70 and G.S. 58-33-46. (1991, c. 386, s. 1; 1993, c. 525, s. 1; 2001-203, s. 22.)
  • Your insurance company cannot tell you where to repair your vehicle.  The choice is yours.


    A claims adjuster's definition of "restored" may be different than that of our engineers. Fortunately, we have a proven record of working successfully with insurance providers-including fully documented repair procedures


    Serious repairs often require your vehicle to be disassembled to some extent. From individual repairs to reassembly, Certified Collision Repair Center technicians use tools and procedures designed from vehicle blueprints for pinpoint accuracy. Approved by BMW engineers, these techniques allow technicians to achieve body tolerances of one millimeter or less*-far more precise than the industry standard.

    *Depending on vehicle model


    Safeguard your BMW's performance-and its value. All work performed by BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers is guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.


    Besides restoring the integrity and safety features of your BMW, all properly installed Original BMW Parts come with a two-year unlimited mileage limited warranty.*

    *Warranty repairs do not constitute an extension of the original limited warranty period for the vehicle or a part thereof.


    1. Pull over from traffic. Stop in a well-lit area, if possible.
    2. Turn on hazard lights. Set out warning triangles or flares.
    3. Check for injuries. Call 911 for a police officer and, if anyone needs medical attention, request an ambulance.
    4. Call BMW Roadside Assistance.* Dial (800) 332-4269 for a free tow to a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center.
    5. Take a picture of the accident, if possible. Never stand in the road while taking a picture, regardless of traffic.
    6. Exchange insurance information.
    7. Be polite but do not accept blame. Whether speaking to the other driver or police officer, state the facts accurately but do not claim that you were at fault.
    8. Know your rights. Insurance companies allow you to take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice. BMW recommends BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers, where all repairs meet certified standards and specifications.

    *Subject to certain limitations and exclusions. See your Owner’s Manual for details.

    BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine.® And you deserve to enjoy that experience every moment you spend behind the wheel - even after a major collision. As a courtesy to all BMW drivers on the road today, BMW of Wilmington offers Baker Collision Center; a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center. 120-hour technician training. Repair procedures tested by BMW engineers. Original BMW Parts. Certified results. For restoring your BMW to original vehicle specifications of performance, beauty and safety, Baker Collision Center has no equal.

    Bodywork and Paintwork

    Genuine BMW Parts & BMW approved Axalta Cromax paint.

    BMW is dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle keeps its value over time, no matter what happens to it.

    BMW bodywork & BMW paintwork is performed to BMW's superior standards by highly trained BMW Service Specialists. At a BMW repair shop, these skilled technicians use their extensive training and experience, as well as the latest technology. No matter how severe the injury, your BMW can be restored to top performance, safety and comfort with genuine BMW repairs.



    Gives active support for your passive safety.

    All bodywork is performed according to the strict BMW quality standards, when carried out at an authorized BMW body shop by highly qualified BMW Service Experts.

    Once damaged, your BMW requires a precise combination of innovative technology and expert craftsmanship to return it to top form. Checking in at a BMW repair shop will quickly get your BMW back in shape, and also guarantee your BMW passes all BMW crashtest requirements.

    Using the most up-to-date technology and repair techniques - and original BMW Parts - precision BMW bodywork restores your BMW to original levels of comfort, safety and performance.



    BMW approved Axalta Cromax Paint.

    Paintwork is conducted by BMW Service Experts using BMW's extensive expertise in paint technology. The BMW body shop quickly gives your older or damaged BMW a sturdy polish, and brings your BMW's finish back up to series-production standards.

    BMW paint repair is performed at an authorised BMW body shop using Axalta Cromax (Formerly known as DuPont Refinish). This innovative painting system ensures a superb colour match to the existing paint and a seamless finish to all surfaces.

    Axalta Coating Systems is a world-wide leader and has been developing, producing, and marketing coating systems for more than a century. Their expertise in automotive coatings is approved by numerous OEMs including: Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat / Alfa, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo.



    Spot Paint Repair.

    Making BMW paint scratches disappear.

    Spot paint repair at a BMW Service Partner provides localised new paint repairs to BMW's proven standards of quality.

    Paint damage can be caused by vandalism, accidents or road hazards such as stone chip paint damage. Paint damage always detracts from the otherwise perfect appearance of your BMW.

    By implementing the environmentally friendly BMW ColorSystem and using a special treatment and partial painting it is possible to repair small or big scratches quickly and accurately. The result is perfection - the work is invisible, and the appearance restored to its former glory.

    Spot paint repair is especially good for eliminating chips and scratches up to 25 mm in diameter and 100 mm long in peripheral and to corner and trim areas.


    Dent Repair.

    Making dents and damage disappear without a trace.

    Dent repair restores your faith in your BMW.

    Hail damage, parking lot mishaps, or minor vandalism can cause a dent in your car. With dent repair, body damages can be inexpensively removed without having to repaint.

    Using innovative repair methods, your BMW Service partner can easily and inexpensively massage away BMW buckling or dents.

    Maintain your vehicle's appearance and value - let dent repair restore your BMW to its original top quality.

    Dent repair is especially good at fixing dents, bucklings and compressions up to 60 mm where the original paintwork has not been scratched.


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