2016 BMW M2 Is a Dream Come True for Enthusiasts

The award-winning M235i unveiled last year was a hit, no doubt about it, but there was still something missing. Drivers wanted more–a pure BMW M2. Well, in October, these enthusiasts got their wish. Now we’re getting our first look at Munich’s new entry-level performance ninja at the Detroit Auto Show.

Everything about the M2 shouts “pure M.” From the aesthetically-pleasing bodywork to the electronically controlled active rear differential, there’s no mistaking this car for anything else than a performance car. The power numbers are also nothing short of staggering: 365 horsepower. 343 lb-ft of torque. Zero-to-sixty time in 4.2 seconds.

Makes you kind of want to rock out, doesn’t it? If so, check out the clip of the M2 below.

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