BMW’s Head-up Display Wants to Make You a Smarter Driver

BMW has been astounding drivers with its level of precision engineering, intuitive design, and luxury features for an entire century, and the next 100 years are looking like they hold more of the same. Technology is no stranger to the cabin of a car, but BMW is making it more intuitive to drivers and better integrated into the driving experience than ever before. With BMW’s Head-Up display, BMW is putting the most relevant information right where drivers need it: unobtrusive, but in the line of sight.

Head-Up display allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road while still having instant-access to crucial information, such as vehicle speed or turn-by-turn directions, however available information does vary by BMW model. One great feature of some of BMW’s Head-Up displays is the customizable aspect of it. On certain models, drivers can select what information they would like displayed, and how large they want the display screen to be. The video above goes into detail about some of the design processes behind BMW’s Head-Up display and what might be expected with future iterations.

Head-Up display isn’t available on every BMW model, but the all-new BMW 7-Series and X1 offer the most up-to-date versions.

If you’d like to make your drive smarter and safer by integrating technology with your vehicle, the BMW Head-Up display is the perfect feature for you. Come visit BMW of Wilmington, located at 4920 New Centre Dr., Wilmington to speak with someone from our team about which BMW with Head-Up display is right for you and your family.

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