A Brief Look at the New BMW Vision Next 100

BMW is one of the most recognizable brands in the market thanks to its unwavering commitment to automotive exceptionalism. This is largely because they build upon their previous success and reinvent their product line with each release, leaving a lasting impression on their loyal consumers. This year, they are taking an extravagant leap forward and illustrating what the future may look like with the reveal of the BMW VISION NEXT 100.

The design of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 is a telltale sign of what awaits. Flaunting highly modernized aesthetics complete with a seamless form, it possesses a look reminiscent of those in futuristic films. Another intriguing quality of this model is the groundbreaking technology contained inside. For instance, the “Companion” is an intuitive driver assist tool that acts much like your personal secretary. Not only does it learn your driving preferences so that it can respond accordingly to your needs, but it provides increased connectivity to data from social media and other platforms. As one might expect from such a refined model, it also boasts incredible performance. Choose between Boost and Ease Mode and the car will accommodate its movements according to the situation and the driver’s inclination at the time. Simply put, this BMW concept is an innovative work of art and comes with unparalleled qualities.

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