Construction Update 02/10/2018

As the Clinker Tile installation progresses in the Service Area the drywall activities are wrapping up in the Sales Area with Priming of the Sales Areas scheduled to start on Wednesday. As concrete paving, curbing, and site lighting progresses the project team is gearing up to demobilize the construction storage containers and the field office in the coming weeks in preparations of final site improvements.

Service Area Structure and MEP System’s Painted Finish

Coiling Doors at the Service Area

Clinker Tile at the Service Area

Interior Storefronts at Sales Area Offices

Concrete paving at the Sales Building

Site Lighting at the East Side of the Service Building

Upcoming Week Look Ahead:

  • Continue Permanent Power Operations
  • Start Prime Paint at the Sales Building
  • Continue Overhead Coiling Garage Doors Installation
  • Continue Clinker Tile Installation at the Service Building
  • Continue Exterior Lighting Installation
  • Continue Completing Exterior Finishes into the Sales Building
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