Construction Update 6/19/2020

Baker Collection

Construction Update 6/19/2020

Finishes continue at Baker Collection, check out our tile install below! Electrical devices and lighting are being installed while glazing continued on the interior and exterior of the sales building. Carwash equipment was installed in the service building this week as the photobooth drywall finishes out.

Sales Building

Tile flooring install began this week in the sales building showroom and bathrooms. Bathroom counters and fixtures were then installed.

Light fixtures and fire alarm devices have been installed in offices and the back of house areas.

Exterior storefront side entrances received glazing this week. Next up, storefront door install.

Service Building


After! Owner provided carwash equipment delivered and installed in the carwash bay this week after ceiling install completed. Next, DPS Electric and Milam Plumbing will make final connections before carwash testing.

Service building heaters were installed in the carwash, handwash, and service bay.

Hanging and finishing drywall in the photobooth began and is almost ready for prime and first coat of paint.


Looking Ahead

Sales Building:

  • Complete glazing
  • Complete tile install
  • Turn on HVAC units

Service Building:

  • Make final connections to carwash equipment
  • Finish photobooth drywall
  • Begin photobooth paint


  • Complete curb and abc stone
  • Complete landscaping
  • Begin paving
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