Construction Update 6/5/2020

Baker Collection

Construction Update 6/5/2020

Next up: Power! Prior power inspection passed this week to enable final connections be made to the transformer to turn permanent power on to the buildings. Interior storefront install began in the Sales building while sitework continued outside. The Service building Photobooth has been framed and is ready for drywall.

Sales Building

Prior power cut-on inspection was passed this week! Duke Energy will make final connections over the weekend to enable HVAC units to turn on next week.

Interior storefront installation began this week at the showroom offices.

Highland Roofing made progress installing coping around the roof.

Interior painting continued in the showroom as Nolan Paint moves around the reveal at the top of the curtainwall.

Nugent Millwork began installing breakroom casework.

Service Building

Grey Interiors completed framing for the photobooth ceiling this week. Next up, drywall.

Milam Plumbing continued piping in the equipment for water service to the carwash.


Sitework continues. MSB Development progress across the site placing ABC stone, forming curbs, and installing bollards.

Looking Ahead

Sales Building:

  • Complete interior storefront framing
  • Complete casework install
  • Continue interior painting
  • Power cut on

Service Building:

  • Complete hanging drywall in photobooth
  • Power cut on


  • Continue curb placement
  • Continue ABC stone placement
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