We See the BMW M2 Let Loose on a Track Day

The very new, very fun, and very anticipated 2016 BMW M2 has been making waves since it was a toddler wrapped in spy camouflage.

But it’s anything but a baby now–and if you’re a performance enthusiast in Wilmington, you could get your hands on one in just a few weeks.

To see how the BMW M2 performs in a true sports car environment–against a surprising competitor. Watch what happens when Motor Trend throws away the reins on this 365-horsepower pony.


The BMW M4 may have been around longer–and actually offers more power–but the M2’s stunningly lightweight new body and well-tuned driving dynamics give it just enough of an edge to win by a nose.

And any coupe that can hold its own against BMW M Performance is a coupe that we want to drive. If you feel the same way, contact BMW of Wilmington to get on the list for a new 2016 M2–they’ll be arriving any day now.

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